Trekroner, Commercial and residential in Central Zealand

Adjacent to Trekroner Station in Roskilde, Denmark, MT Højgaard has acquired 25,000 m² of development rights for commercial or residential use.

High quality materials and modern design solutions will be used in the construction to ensure sustainable and low maintenance costs.

MT Højgaard is able to offer design and build solutions from 1,500 m2 and upwards. There will also be opportunities to lease office development projects in part or as a whole.
The construction will be built in phases as it is leased or sold.


Roskilde is Denmark's 10th largest city (50,000 citizens). 1,000 years ago, the Vikings built a trading centre on this site which developed into a significant town. In the Middle Ages, Roskilde was one of the most important towns in northern Europe and the political centre for the Danish Royal family and church.

Trekroner is one of the most dynamic development areas in the country and is situated in the eastern part of Roskilde. The famous Roskilde University is located within the same area. The area plays an essential role in the growth of Roskilde as a university town and knowledge center.

Approximately one third of Trekroner has been completed, and further development is ongoing. It is expected than in 10 years, 5,000 people will live in Trekroner and an additional 15,000 will study and work there. It is also expected that in the long term up to 5,000 research based jobs will be created.

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