New headquarter for KPMG

A vibrant shopping flow

The main flower-shape of the building forms a link to three cityscapes at the same time – the Boulevard and the two plazas – and interconnects them to the green belt facing east. The ground floor shops and other businesses facing the Boulevard create a vibrant shopping flow along the facade. By dividing the structure into smaller parts the flower-shape makes the large structure seem light and in balance with the general urban scale of the area.

Plenty of daylight

Two main entrances give access to the building; one for KPMG employees and one for other tenants. The domicile is prepared for expansion and thus one ‘wing’ will be rented out for a period. A central staircase characterizes the foyer and central atrium. All office floors are flexibly fitted and offer plenty of daylight to work stations.

An environmentally sound building

KPMG’s Cph headquarters is designed and constructed with a deep focus on sustainability at all levels from design to construction, the choice of high quality materials and lifespan. Thus the level of energy consumption will be reduced by different means; by controlling the inflow of light, by heat regulation through the use of an active facade with solar screening, by angling the building according to daylight and by a strategic orientation of the interior office space accordingly.

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