Aalborg Concert Hall

Architectural and acoustic quality

The concert hall's resident orchestra will be Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, together with the Nordjysk Musikkonservatorium of the Department of Music at Aalborg University. For the first time, they will have a permanent home with its own concert facilities.
The concert hall will also be the centre for a diversity of musical and cultural activities.

A major construction project

The size and complexity of the building poses many challenges regarding space and coordination. We are undertaking the project using personnel with considerable experience in concrete work, a crane driver and a site foreman.

Approx. 11,000 m3 of concrete will be used, the majority of it in the foundations and cellar walls.
The installation of the concrete elements is a challenging task because of the weight as well as the number of elements. A few of the elements also need to form a cone-shaped staircase tower which involves tipping the elements away from the vertical.

For the in-situ part, we are working with special constructions which have a consistent geometry, i.e. a spiral staircase which looks like number 9 seen from above.

Special acoustic requirements

The concert hall is located at the centre, encircled by the rest of the building. To ensure that traffic noise and sounds from the building are not audible in the concert hall, it has been designed so that it is physically separated from the rest of the building.

The actual foundation is separated by five centimetres of air. Under no circumstances must the separate parts of the building touch each other, so even if a piece of waste wood should fall into the gap, it must be removed.

The fact that the buildings are separated in this way also poses challenges in relation to water tightness, e.g. the membrane needs to be thoroughly secured to prevent water rising into the gap.
Construction in a limited space

The location of the construction site in the centre of the city restricts the working space. As more contractors join the project, it will be necessary to coordinate the space in a well-disciplined manner.
A parking problem was for example solved by borrowing a nearby area from Aalborg municipality.

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