Moesgård Museum - cultural history in new surroundings

One of the exciting challenges of the building is the large sloping roof surface which merges with the terrain. The construction that supports the roof is a complex pillar-beam system which enables the establishment of large exhibition and visitor areas.

Future ready

The museum of the future must naturally be prepared for the energy and environment requirements of the future. The new building complies with low energy class 1, which will be introduced in 2015. This means that the energy performance of the building will be 50% better than the current minimum requirements. The climate screen – the facades and the roof – is the factor that has most significance for the building's primary energy needs and indoor climate.

Active climate screen

The new museum will be provided with an active climate screen. Depending on the weather outside and the requirements for ventilation, solar heating and daylight, the building's sunscreening and ventilation will adjust automatically.

In most areas along the facades and in the central lobby, natural ventilation, operated by differences in air pressure and indoor/outdoor temperature will be used, creating CO2-neutral ventilation and cooling. The sunscreening consists of externally mounted vertical slats which can be tilted to reflect away unwanted solar heat in hot periods or to let in daylight when the weather is overcast.

All three contracts carried out by MT Højgaard Group

The board of Moesgård Museum has chosen us to undertake two of the three independent contracts; the shell and fitting out. The third contract, which comprises the installation work, will be carried out by electrical engineering firm Lindpro, an MT Højgaard subsidiary.

The fact that all three contracts are being carried out by MT Højgaard Group helps to ensure collaboration and high quality throughout the project. The exhibition building will have a floor area of 15,000 square metres, and will open to visitors in spring 2014.

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