The New University Hospital in Aarhus

Joining the new and existing hospital

The new hospital in Aarhus North will be built as an extension to the existing three-storey Skejby Hospital, which currently has a total floor area of 160,000 m2. The new construction, comprising buildings of 4 to 8 storeys, will have a total floor area of 220,000 m2. The existing hospital will also be partly refurbished to ensure integration with the new construction.

Shell with in-situ cast floors

The construction site will have 11 different building plots where the first phase is N1. MT Højgaard will construct and close the shell of three buildings on plot N1, comprising two eight-storey buildings and one four-storey building, with a total floor area of 29,000 m2.
A special feature of the project is the fact that all floors will be cast in-situ. This ensures freedom in the future to carry out alterations and rebuilding as new and altered needs arise.

Major logistics work

Our building project is part of a huge construction site, so a lot of logistics work is needed to plan our activities in relation to the other contractors on the site.

Consideration for the existing hospital

When we are building either on or close to hospitals, we always show extra consideration.
In this building project, we are working right next to Skejby Hospital, which is in constant operation. The emergency helicopter must be able to land, so in certain periods there must not be too much noise, dust or vibration.

A visionary hospital

When the new hospital has been completed it will be the biggest workplace in Aarhus municipality with more than 9,500 staff and around one million patient treatments annually.

The vision for the new hospital is to make it a leading university hospital with a balance between efficiency, sustainability and an attractive working environment. There will be a close connection between research, training and clinical work.

Green areas and an artistic dimension

The hospital will be surrounded by green areas and works of art will be integrated in the architecture of the buildings.The construction period for the entire hospital project is from 2012 to 2019.

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Safety and consideration for patients, relatives and staff are important factors in the construction or expansion of hospitals.

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