Stjerneskolen – Frederikshavn's new school

A variety of environments

At the end of 2012, the school was ready for the 1,200 children and 160 staff who use the premises every day. The new building is shaped like a five-pointed star, hence the name Stjerneskolen.

The architectural idea of the building was to create a different environment in each point of the star, adjusted and designed to the age group using it. This shift in atmosphere between the environments of the five points supports the pupils' feeling of getting older as they move up the grades.


Flexibility and multi-functionality is the focal point of the Stjerneskolen. To be prepared for changes in the learning environments of the future, the design features a combination of concrete walls and light plaster walls. The interior design also enables some of the teaching to be carried out in the common areas.


The school is at the cutting edge of energy optimisation, with rooftop solar cell arrays producing enough electricity to meet the needs of 20 domestic households. The school has been constructed in accordance with the energy requirements that are expected to apply in 2020, so it will not be outdated in terms of its energy profile for many years to come.

Public Private Partnership

The school was constructed as a Public Private Partnership project with Frederikshavn municipality as the owner, MT Højgaard as the design-build contractor, and DEAS as the operation and maintenance manager for the next 25 years.

MT Højgaard is experienced in building schools in Public Private Partnership. Other projects include Ørsted School on Langeland and Vildbjerg School.

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