Beddingen – youth residences on the waterfront in Aalborg

Youth residences with a view over the fjord

In the summer of 2013, 166 new youth residences in Aalborg will be ready for occupation. We are building them for Plus Bolig on the site of the defunct Aalborg Shipyard.

The construction comprises several buildings of different heights – one of them is an 11-storey construction which creates a natural connection with the harbour environment.

Inspired by the harbourside silos

The architects at the engineering and architect firm of Kjærsgaard & Andersen in Aalborg were inspired by the harbour's silos, and have created buildings of seven, ten and eleven storeys.

The facades will have trowelled surfaces in white and dark red to provide a striking colour contrast.
The lower parts of the buildings will have external facades in dark brick in order to harmonise with the low-rise buildings in the harbour.

An urban district undergoing development

The youth residences are being built according to the requirements for low energy class 2015 and will thus feature many modern and sustainable solutions.

Placing the new youth residences on the waterfront is part of the urban district's development, where residences, shops and cultural institutions are creating a new, attractive and dynamic connection between the city centre and the harbour.


Aalborg Zoo's restaurant

Self-drying concrete enabled Aalborg Zoo's restaurant to be constructed in record time. The animals and the preserved trees were another special challenge of the project.

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Renovation of Møn Bridge

Dronning Alexandrine's Bridge, locally called Møn Bridge, is being renovated so that road and shipping traffic can remain free-flowing for many years to come.

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The New University Hospital in Aarhus

Construction of the New University Hospital in Aarhus has started. MT Højgaard are building the shell for the first part of the project.

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