Refurbishment of Egedalsvænge

Reconstruction and refurbishment

Egedalsvænge is undergoing considerable change, with the refurbishment of the facades and roofs of the 18 blocks of flats, the reconstruction of apartments, and the refurbishment of 59 stairways. The aim is to bring the apartments up to contemporary standards and improve life quality for the occupants.The outdoor areas are also being renovated, and new rainwater plants and solar cell arrays are being established on the south-facing roof surfaces.

Energy saving and sustainable initiatives

The project focuses on sustainability and optimal use of energy. The applied materials are robust and easy to maintain in order to minimise future operating costs. Climate chimneys will replace the existing skylights, and the refurbishment of facades and roofs will provide energy savings.

Industrialised building components and prefabrication

At Egedalsvænge we are using industrialised building components with a high degree of prefabrication –the finished facade elements, for example, are supplied with painted windows. We will install more than 1,000 individual facade elements.

The design, fabrication and installation of the facade elements involves careful management of planning and logistics.

Influential the occupants

The occupants exert an influence on the project and the finished result. They can choose the facade elements for their apartment, buy a balcony, bay window or greenhouse, and decide the size and placement of windows. These initiatives will create individuality and variation in the apartment blocks.

Consideration for the occupants

The apartments are occupied while we are carrying out the refurbishment. We therefore have regular dialogue with the occupants and include them in the project so that we can minimise the inconvenience and disturbance of daily life.

We provide information on a regular basis so that occupants know exactly when we will work in their apartment, what work we will do there, and how we ensure safe handling of their keys.