Frederikskaj – modern, high quality apartment buildings

Copenhagen South Harbour is the setting for the apartment buildings at Frederikskaj. The developer exploited the waterside location in the design of the luxury apartments, which all have panorama windows and spacious balconies or terraces. The facades of the buildings are open, and large glass sections reflect the water, giving residents a unique experience of living by the water, while being just a short distance from the centre of Copenhagen.

Multistorey buildings with stylish architecture

The 152 apartments are in two 7-storey buildings, each with six stairways. The buildings are placed optimally in relation to the sun and enjoy views over a newly built canal. At the end of the canal, a staircase leads to a square that functions as a communal area for the residents. The property also has a basement, underground parking facilities and a community hall.

A key design principle at Frederikskaj is aesthetics, both internal and external. The apartments are planned down to the smallest detail, with high quality materials used and attention paid to the functional division of the rooms. A generous ceiling height of 260 cm adds to the feeling of spaciousness.

The building facades alternate between large glass sections and closed facade sections clad in copper. Over time the facades will gain a patina which will harmonise with the historic copper-clad buildings in the city.

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