Multistorey buildings on Jagtvej in Nuuk

The two 12-storey buildings with a total of 120 owner-occupied apartments were constructed under MT Højgaard's own auspices. The buildings look out on the mountainous landscape, and form a visual divide between the city and the landscape. All the owner-occupied apartments have panoramic views.

Together with a daycare centre, which MT Højgaard also constructed, the buildings form part of a new built-up area on the sloping ground between Jagtvej and the mountains. The area has its own roads, car parking and common areas for various activities. In the basement, each apartment has a storage room.

Multistorey buildings with respect for nature

The distinctive apartment towers are Greenland's tallest buildings, constructed in a very simple design to blend in with the Greenlandic landscape. Towards the northwest and southeast the buildings have closed facades clad in warm grey cement fibreboard; towards the northeast and southwest the apartments have glass sections and balconies.

Each building contains 60 apartments, ranging from 1 room apartments with a floor area of 34 square metres to 4 room apartments with a floor area of 105 square metres. The apartments have balconies with a floor area ranging from 7-20 square metres.

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