Letter-shaped buildings at Aarhus Harbour

Lighthouse is a house building project in Aarhus Harbour's area near the centre of Aarhus. The project is being built in three stages, and we are building two of the blocks of flats during the first stage and has now started on a third block.

Lighthouse consists of a total of five buildings, which are shaped as the letters L, I, G, H and T.

Three stages

The first stage consisted of the buildings shaped as I and G, which are residences. The rest of the building project will take place in two stages, in which the building shaped as an L will be the first, and we are constructing it now.

Finally, the buildings shaped as H and T, including a 140 metre high tower, will be built during the third stage.

Buildings I and G

During the first stage, we built buildings I and G. The first residences in building I were ready to be moved into on 1 May 2011, and the building consists of a 8,600 square metre block of flats with 90 flats placed on nine storeys and four town houses on three levels.

Building G consists 5,050 square metres of social housing with 54 residences on six storeys.

Both residences and businesses

Throughout Lighthouse, there is room for residences and businesses. There are 20,000 square metres for businesses and 40,000 square metres for residences, of which 100 are social housing and 300 are owner-occupied dwellings. All residences enjoy sunshine from the south and a view over the water towards the north.

Basement parking

To ensure that there are green, peaceful passageways between the buildings, there is joint basement parking, which provides optimal conditions for the residents, visitors and cyclists.

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