Apartments in Promenadebyen

In Promenadebyen, MT Højgaard has constructed some of Odense's most exclusive apartments. Promenadebyen is located close to both woodland and the harbour, and the exclusive apartments in this upmarket area of the city offer excellent views over both water and green areas.

68 apartments

"Broen" and "Stævnen", the first two of the eight buildings to be constructed in Promenadebyen, jointly comprise 68 apartments, which vary in floor area from 84 to 238 square metres. In all, the total floor area of the buildings will be 33,000 square metres.

Pile driving

The first task was pile driving for the building foundations, and in a four month period we drove 650 piles. The contract was for 492 piles, but on account of the soil conditions a further 158 piles were required.

During the work we encountered some old foundations, which caused some of the piles to snap. The piles are 30x30 cm in cross section and vary in length from 6 to 12 metres. We used a PM 25 HD pile driver with a 5 ton accelerated hammer and a dead weight of 70 tons.

Exclusive apartments

The exclusive apartments have excellent views over both water and green areas.

Pile driving

In four months, we drove 650 piles for the foundation of the buildings.

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