Valby Machine Factory

The old industrial site in Valby is being developed into a completely new urban district with residential apartments, shops, offices and green areas. We are building 100 new residential apartments and offices for De Forenede Ejendomsselskaber.

The residential apartments, which have already begun to take shape on the site, have either two, three or four rooms, and have access to a balcony, elevator and outdoor areas.

Pleasant conditions and high quality

The architectural vision is to create an active and attractive urban district, where people have the benefit of pleasant living conditions both indoors and outdoors.

This vision is reflected in the elegant black and grey brick facades, the choice of construction materials, the glass-clad balconies, underfloor heating with hot water pipes, energy-saving triple-glazed windows, and high quality fixtures and fittings in the kitchens and bathrooms.

Low energy class 2015 and BREEAM certified

Another aspect of the vision is that the buildings are being constructed in accordance with low energy class 2015 and certified according to the sustainable BREEAM model.

BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment and is a points system that takes into account the overall sustainability of a building i.e. pollution, water, energy, construction materials, health and well-being, transport, waste, land use and ecology. A portion of the electricity used in the buildings will be generated by rooftop solar panels.

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Beddingen – youth residences on the waterfront in Aalborg

On the waterfront in Aalborg we are building 166 new youth residences, whose design is inspired by Aalborg's harbour environment.

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Family dwellings

If you are planning to build family dwellings, you can always get advice from us - all the way from small terraced houses to large multi-storey residential buildings.

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Residential Construction

From construction of multi-storey buildings to family dwellings and youth residences, we refurbish and construct residential buildings of all kinds nationwide.

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