Hardanger Bridge

New suspension bridge across Hardanger Fjord

The journey between the Norwegian cities of Oslo and Bergen has become significantly quicker following the replacement of the old ferry connection across Hardanger Fjord with a new suspension bridge in August 2013.

We carried out the steel and assembly work on the new Norwegian bridge for Statens Vegvesen (Norway's road directorate).

6,400 tons of suspension cables

Hardanger Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in Norway. It has two traffic lanes and a combined cycle lane and footpath.

With a total length of 1,380 metres and a main span of 1,310 metres, the bridge is 30 metres longer than Golden Gate Bridge, but shorter than the Great Belt Bridge, which has a span of 1,624 metres.

During the construction period, we assembled around 15,000 tons of steel. The two suspension cables alone weigh 6,400 tons, and were installed using a wheeled cable track which rolled back and forth across the fjord at a height of 200 metres.

Each cable has a diameter of 60 cm, and contains 10,000 wires.

The traffic lanes comprise 23 steel sections each weighing 400 tons. They were shipped in under the bridge and hoisted up by means of a specially constructed crane, after which they were welded together.

Norwegian landmark

The bridge, designed by Norway's Forum Arkitekter, is an iconic new landmark with its two 200 metre high concrete towers and a steel construction that seems to 'hover' in the air between the mountains on either side of the fjord.

The concrete work and civil works were carried out by Norwegian contractors, while we executed the steel and assembly work.

See the press release on the opening of the bridge

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