Odin's Bridge – A swing bridge over Odense canal

Asymmetrical and moveable

Odin's Bridge is a four-lane swing bridge with a bi-directional cycle path that crosses the Odense fjord canal on Funen.

A great challenge of constructing the bridge is that it will be both a landmark for the city and an advanced asymmetrical and moveable construction, which requires great skill in handling the bridge geometry during fabrication.

The largest twin swing bridge in Northern Europe

The twin swing bridge consists of two main steel girders placed on each side of the canal. There is a free span of about 120 metres. Each movable steel girder section is nearly 100 metres long and weighs 2,200 tons. The total tonnage is about 5,000 tons, which makes it the largest twin swing bridge in Northern Europe.

How the bridge opens

When ships pass through the canal, the 200 metre long, 4,400 ton steel bridge divides into two and revolves on a 12 metre diameter pillar.
The bridge is moved by a system of 34 hydraulic pistons, which lift, tilt and turn the bridge span, as well as inserting dowels so that the bridge is locked in the middle and becomes a fixed bridge between the two approach bridges.

Manned by a bridge controller

Odin's Bridge will be manned by a bridge controller, who will communicate with the ships and operate an advanced system which controls the traffic on land and opens and closes the bridge when ships pass through the canal. The bridge will be ready for installation in autumn 2012, and is scheduled to open in the second half of 2013.

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