Pont de Normandie

Pont de Normandie was a landmark bridge construction. When it was built in 1989-1994, it set a world record both by being the world's longest cable-stayed bridge and by having the longest distance between the bridge pillars.

Other bridges have since broken that record, but by the standards of the time it was a world record with a main span of 856 metres, most of which – 624 metres – was made of steel.

Steel constructions

We were responsible for the fabrication and erection of the steel bridge deck, and also for the supply and installation of the cable stays. We also participated in the detailed design of the bridge, i.e. all design related to the steel part.

Bridge across The Seine

The bridge, which crosses The Seine, is located about 15 km east of Le Havre in northern France. When the bridge was inaugurated in 1996, it eased traffic pressure on the existing suspension bridge across The Seine, Pont de Tancarville from 1959.

Pont de Normandie is 19.7 metres wide with a two-lane motorway in each direction. The concrete pylons are shaped as inverted Ys and rise 215 metres above the river.

Other steel bridge projects


Hardanger Bridge

With a total length of 1,380 metres and a main span of 1,310 metres, it is Norway's longest and a new landmark for the area.

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Odin's Bridge – A swing bridge over Odense canal

Odin's Bridge is an advanced structure that combines the best in engineering work with experience and special competences.

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Rao II - Bridge

We are constructing a new cable stayed bridge in Hai Phong port city, Vietnam. Besides four road lanes the bridge will have moped lanes and pavements in each direction.

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