Swing Bridge across Snäcke Canal

Bridge with rotating section

Across Snäcke Canal in Dalsland, MT Højgaard has established a new bridge with a rotating section to replace the former swing bridge.

The project included, among other things, concrete works for the foundations and approach spans, fabrication and installation of the rotating steel section as well as installation of machinery for the bridge.

After installation, we mounted railings, parapet and sign boards. We also carried out the asphalt work.

The movable span was shipped in one piece

The movable span itself has the weight of 55 tons. It is 16,2 meters long and 5,1 meters wide. The movable span was made in Poland and after it was delivered in one piece on site we lifted it into place with a 400 tons crane directly from the truck.

Trucks are now able to pass

After the bridge has opened for traffic a fully loaded timber truck is now able to pass the canal. This was not possible on the old bridge, which is why the client, Trafikverket, decided to build the new bridge.

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