The Höga Kusten Bridge

The Höga Kusten Bridge spans the estuary of the river Ångermans-älven, 500 km north of Stockholm. We participated as a joint venture partner in the construction of the bridge.

The completed bridge was handed over to the client, Vägverket (the Swedish National Road Department), in 1997.

Suspension bridge

The bridge is a suspension bridge over three spans: a main span of 1,210 metres and two side spans, each of them suspended.

We were responsible for project management and engineering in connection with fabrication and erection of the steel and cable superstructure.

Box girder generation

Being the third in the new box girder generation of suspension bridges, this project benefited from utilizing the extensive experience on such work. Since then, new and unconventional methods of construction have been developed.

Improved infrastructure

The Höga Kusten Bridge is the most significant part of a major upgrading project for the E4 motorway along the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia in Sweden.

With the bridge, travelling time to the north was reduced by half an hour, and a considerable improvement of traffic safety was obtained when a new 30 km road section and the bridge were inaugurated.

Other steel bridge projects


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Pont de Normandie

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