The Oresund Bridge

Monberg & Thorsen and Højgaard & Schultz, which later merged to become MT Højgaard, took part in the consortium that undertook the construction of the Oresund Link in the 1990s.

The completed bridge was inaugurated on 1 July 2000, six months earlier than scheduled. This was where the great bridge-building collaboration between the two companies was founded.

Main span of 490 metres

The Oresund Link created a connection between Denmark and Sweden in the Oresund Region. The link consists of a bridge, a tunnel and the artificial island of Peberholm.

The bridge construction itself is a 7.8 kilometre-long cable-stayed bridge. It has a main span of 490 metres, which places it among the longest in the world, flanked by two side spans of respectively 160 metres and 141 metres.

The bridge consists of a main bridge and two smaller approach bridges. All the components of the bridge were prefabricated on land and assembled at sea.

Decks for both road and rail traffic

The bridge has two decks. The upper deck is a two-lane motorway, the E20, and the lower deck is a two-track railway for high-speed trains.

Design-build contract

The contract was a design-build type, where the SundLink Contractors consortium was responsible for both the design and construction of the bridge.

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