Guldberg School

An attractive and inclusive public space, safe routes to school and a rebuilt and renewed school. These were some of the visions of local citizens about Guldberg School in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. The school lies across two land register units, and so the City of Copenhagen decided to amalgamate Sjællandsgade School and Stevnsgade School into a single school called Guldberg School.

A modern institution

MT Højgaard was given the task of renovating and rebuilding the two schools. The schools have been modernised with a new entrance, a new building for after-school activities and new outdoor areas. Following modernisation, the school meets all the requirements of a modern institution.

Sustainable climate school

Guldberg School is designated as a climate school, which means that the school addresses both global and local issues relating to climate, climate change and global warming. Attention is therefore paid to consumption of electricity, water and heat, as well as CO2 emissions and recycling.

Such thinking was also involved in the renovation of the building. For example, MT Højgaard used a WindowMaster system for the roof windows, which ensures fresh air and ventilation. In addition, solar cells were installed on the facade, and the pupils can continuously monitor consumption of electricity, water and heat using electronic meters.

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