Ørsted School

The Ørsted School on Langeland is one of four currently ongoing Public Private Partnership projects in Denmark. The sustainable school construction was carried out by MT Højgaard in collaboration with Dan-Ejendomme, Bank DnB NORD.

Green certification for sustainable school building

The school on Langeland was also a sustainable construction project and was given Green Building certification. This means that energy consumption is at least 25% less than the law allows.

Energy-conscious architecture

Right from the design phase, sustainability was considered in relation to the building's energy consumption. For example, classrooms with large heat emissions are placed facing north and west, and natural daylight is used to an extent that minimises the need for artificial lighting.

Public Private Partnership: We take care of operation and maintenance for 30 years

Langeland Municipality already knows all the costs for construction, operation and maintenance of the school over the next 30 years. Even changing the light bulbs and repairing broken windows has been taken into account.

That is because Ørsted School is a Public Private Partnership project, the partners being Dan-Ejendomme, Bank DnB NORD and MT Højgaard. A Public Private Partnership delivers not only the completed building, but is also responsible for operation, maintenance and finance of the school for 30 years. During this period, the municipality rents the school from the partnership.

Space for 1,000 pupils

The school covers 14,500 m2 and has space for 1,000 pupils. It will also have its own sports halls and outdoor sports facilities with pitches and athletics facilities for school use.

Other sustainable projects

Alminde-Viuf Coeducational School

Environmentally sound and sustainable construction was the key principle during the extension of Alminde-Viuf Coeducational School.

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Brørup Savings Bank

In Brørup Savings Bank in Fredericia, low energy consumption is ensured, which is good news for the both the environment and for the bank's running costs for the building.

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Guldberg School

Guldberg School is designated a climate school, so environment and climate considerations were included in the renovation work, for example with solar cells on the facade.

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