Facade insulation & moisture barrier installation

Both new and old buildings

We specialise in all kinds of masonry, facade insulation and horizontal moisture barrier installation. We can help you to insulate both new and old buildings, and prevent moisture destroying old houses.

Whether you are a housing association, a company or a private individual, you can draw on our competences. We carry out tasks of all sizes including:

Moisture barrier installation

  • installation of horizontal moisture barriers using the HZ method
  • cutting method
  • chemical injection 


  • facade insulation
  • injection of granulate in walls and lofts  

Excellent support base

We are Denmark's leading contractor, and can draw on our experience and expertise for even the largest and most complicated tasks. With our extensive internal network of specialists in MT Højgaard, we can for example draw on our masonry  department, which has a large number of special competences.

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