Core drilling and blasting

Special techniques and equipment

We at MT Højgaard have developed special techniques and equipment for core drilling through bedrock and ice.

When you decide to explore new territory, we are ready to assist you with everything, e.g. providing infrastructure, equipment and crew for drilling and blasting.

Blasting in Western Greenland

At Garnet Lake in Greenland we have blasted many tons of bedrock to expose the kimberlite which again was blasted and crushed in the hope of finding diamonds.

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Field investigations and feasibility studies

Thorough groundwork forms the basis of a profitable mining project. We have much experience in field investigations for mining projects in Greenland.

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Construction and running of mines

From the initial ideas to running of the mine; we assist you all the way through.

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Working with MT Højgaard gives you the opportunity to draw on our expertise within design, consultancy and project management.

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