Field investigations and feasibility studies

A carefully prepared mining project
Through initial field investigations and detailed feasibility studies we help you identify specifics and features of the project and site.

We prepare the required documentation, e.g. geographic descriptions, initial layout, budgets, process plans and time schedules thus ensuring that you have the necessary and basic information to build a viable, effective and profitable project.

Keeping the time schedule
A good relationship with the authorities is a key factor. Based on our experience in Greenland, we know how and when to submit the correct documents to the proper authorities.

This will help you keep your project schedule and ensure that all requirements are fulfilled and standards met.

Local knowledge in Greenland
We have worked in Greenland for many years and have therefore developed specific knowledge about the country and good relations with local authorities.

Recently, we have completed approximately 7,000 metres core drilling in connection with general geotechnical and mine geotechnical investigations for a bankable feasibility study on the west coast of Greenland, close to Nuuk.

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Core drilling and blasting

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Construction and running of mines

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Working with MT Højgaard gives you the opportunity to draw on our expertise within design, consultancy and project management.

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