Mining projects in Greenland

Thorough local knowledge
Generally, the mining industry in Greenland is still at en early stage. MT Højgaard, however, has been working in Greenland for many years and is well-established here.

We know what it is like to work in remote areas under severe climate conditions and with limited or no access to common infrastructure.

Respect for local communities and the environment
On basis of our experience from mining projects in Greenland we have established a special knowledge of - and good relationships with - local authorities.

We are dedicated to ensuring that your project will not harm the environment or conflict with local laws or regulations. Furthermore, we focus on educating and hiring the local workforce, making sure that the local population benefits from the mining activities.

Projects of all types and sizes
We have initiated partnerships with other Greenlandic and international contractors, enabling us to handle even large-scale mining projects.

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Field investigations and feasibility studies

Thorough groundwork forms the basis of a profitable mining project. We have much experience in field investigations for mining projects in Greenland.

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Core drilling and blasting

We are ready to assist you with core drilling and blasting - right from the start of your project.

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Construction and running of mines

From the initial ideas to running of the mine; we assist you all the way through.

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