Utility service infrastructure

Utility service pipes all over Denmark

We lay utility service pipes all over Denmark, including water, electricity, district heating, gas, sewerage and fibernet.

We provide consultancy, liaising with the authorities, execution and documentation to the extent you need it.

Our objective is that when we have completed the task, our work will not be visible to you above ground.

Conventional excavation

Most of our projects are carried out using conventional excavation: for example, when utility pipes are laid across open fields or when it is not financially worthwhile to use directional drilling or moling.

No-dig solutions

For some of our projects, we also use the latest no-dig techniques, where we lay pipes without digging under roads, dams and railways. It causes the least possible inconvenience to citizens, companies or road users.

We use three techniques:

  • directional drilling
    By means of directional drilling, we can drill at a gradient for sewer pipes or around obstacles in the ground over long stretches.
  • pipe bursting
    Pipe bursting is a fast and cheap way of replacing pipes below ground. Pipe bursting is carried out by bursting the existing pipes and replacing them with new pipes which are drawn through behind the expander head.
  • earth displacement
    Earth displacement moling is the most used no-dig method for smaller utility service pipes over short stretches - e.g. at a crossroads. Earth displacement is carried out horizontally below ground using compressed air. It protects paved and planted areas from excavation.

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