We have extensive experience in constructing domiciles

A typical challenge is to create a domicile which reflects both the company's products and identity – and the client's and architect's visions.

Quality and pleasant indoor climate

It is important to ensure that the construction can be realised in the best possible way - in relation to price, durability and quality.

It is also important that the domicile has a pleasant indoor climate and an inspiring working environment, since it often functions as a workplace for several hundred people.

Multiflex Office

A domicile can also be built by our MultiFlex Office-concept, where focus is on optimal utilisation of size, lay-out and function, after your needs. Possible future changes will at the same time be realisable, given the flexibility of the concept.

MultiFlex Office makes it possible for several companies to share facilities such as conference room, auditoriums and canteen. This also means a lower rent without making compromises on facility standards.

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