Successful hospital construction

When you choose us to carry out your hospital construction project, you get a collaboration partner with experience and expertise who ensures a successful result.

In the construction and expansion of hospitals, it is particularly important to take the surroundings fully into account and ensure that users of the hospital can always move around in safety.

Efficient construction process

In close collaboration with you, we plan and manage the project to a successful outcome. By using the process management tool TrimBuild, we ensure an efficient construction process where nothing is left to chance.

We make sure for example that large deliveries and noisy work are adjusted to the hospital's operation, and we use Digitjek to ensure 0 defects and deficiencies.

Ensuring access for ambulances

Early in the tender phase we involve those parties who help ensure expedient logistics in and around the hospital during the construction period. 

This approach enables us to ensure unhindered road access to and from the hospital, including roads for ambulances, so that the hospital can function optimally during the construction process.

Dialogue with hospital staff

It is important that staff, patients and relatives are disturbed as little as possible by our work.

We therefore focus on close dialogue with hospital staff throughout the construction process in order to take hospital working procedures into account.

You have our assurance that we will be considerate guests in the hospital, and that staff and patients will have the necessary peace and safety.

Emergency button and 24/7 manned telephone

An example of how we take full account of our surroundings is the installation of an emergency button.

By pressing the button, hospital staff can signal us at any time to stop working if, for example, we are making too much noise. It is a simple and very effective solution.

We also offer a 24/7 manned telephone so that hospital staff can contact us at any time.

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