Public Private Partnership – Process

Public Private Partnership is based on dialogue

As the commissioning party you will be in discussions with several contractors and their partners, before you choose those you will work together with. You will have a number of confidential dialogues with the prequalified Public Private Partnership companies who will thereafter compete for the final Public Private Partnership contract.

The dialogue continues between all the parties in the chosen Public Private Partnership company. Your knowledge of the building's purpose and the expected outcome is reconciled with those of the other partners, who also use all their professional experience and knowledge to achieve the best possible result.

Fixed contact person

The key people in a Public Private Partnership project are involved all the way from start to finish. As the commissioning party you get a fixed contact person who accompanies you through the whole process and normally continues in the management of the Private Public Partnership company, so that the continuity and commitment are rooted in everyday life.

The contract period of typically 20 or 30 years means that the collaboration with the Public Private Partnership company is longer than usual. The chemistry between the partners is therefore particularly important and is strengthened through the close dialogue on the project.

Longer start-up phase

The time spent on the preliminary phase is a good investment. Therefore it is necessary for you as the commissioning party to begin the process earlier than normal, so that the project can be completed at the desired time.

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