Steel Bridges

We construct steel bridges of all kinds and sizes

Suspension bridges and cable-stayed bridges across fjords, straits and gorges. Movable bridges that swing up, swing open, elevate or roll back to give space for other forms of traffic. Bridges that ease traffic flow in congested areas, or bridges that need to be replaced very quickly to keep traffic disruption to an absolute minimum.

Long-lasting solutions

When we build bridges, we build them to last. We have the knowledge and expertise in design, fabrication and installation to find optimal solutions that take sustainability and subsequent operation and maintenance fully into account. And we keep the architects, bridge designers and consultants closely involved, to ensure that their breadth of knowledge is fully incorporated in the project.

Construction management and quality management

Constructing a steel bridge is a challenging and complex task. With us, you get an experienced collaboration partner who knows how to manage the technical and project challenges associated with construction.

When we build a bridge, you can be sure of quality. Because we make it happen. Our quality assurance is systematised, ensuring high standards of quality in what we do and how we do it, from start to finish. Likewise, safety is paramount, both during our execution of the project and for the many users of the bridge in time to come.

A landmark and an icon

A steel bridge is a visually arresting structure; a defining feature in the landscape. It is a landmark and an icon for the area where it stands. When you choose us for your project, you are ensured a partner who can relate to local interests, deliver attractive architecture, and construct a steel bridge that is built to last.

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Hardanger Bridge

With a total length of 1,380 metres and a main span of 1,310 metres, it is Norway's longest and a new landmark for the area.

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Odin's Bridge – A swing bridge over Odense canal

Odin's Bridge is an advanced structure that combines the best in engineering work with experience and special competences.

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Pont de Normandie

Pont de Normandie is a steel bridge in northern France that was inaugurated in 1996. We were involved in the construction.

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