MT Højgaard's construction business develops and constructs buildings for private and public purposes. As a full-service provider, we have the skills and size to take on major and complex construction projects from concept to operation. 

A standard feature of our projects is the insistence on meeting the client and collaboration partners as early as possible in order to build mutual confidence and quality throughout the lifetime of the project. With VDC (Virtual Design & Construction) we can simulate accurately the development and planning phase, as well as its implementation before actual construction even begins. It is our experience that, with VDC as a co-operative technology, we are able to present a forward vision of the construction that ensures the optimal solution for our customers.

Our clients are Danish and international companies, organisations and public authorities and, in recent years we have frequently been involved in Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), Public-Private Collaborations (PPC) and Public-Private Innovation Partnerships (OPI).

Our projects show a range of the many large and complex buildings that we are proud to have built. They include housing, head offices, hospitals, data centres, schools, cultural and sports facilities, shopping centres, biotech and pharmaceutical buildings.

MT Højgaard is part of the MTH Group, which includes Enemærke & Petersen, Lindpro, Ajos and Scandi Byg. Read more about the companies on MTH GROUP´s website.

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