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Our approach

At MT Højgaard we create the space in which we live, work and move. When we say “create,” it is because, as a modern contractor, we not only build and construct but also think, develop and take responsibility for all the physical spaces we move in as people. This applies regardless of whether it is housing, hospitals, roads, bridges or entire urban spaces. We have been doing this for 100 years.


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Our approach

Together we can move the business

There are always major changes in the construction industry. Advanced technology, digital tools and brand new ways of working together have become key components of our toolbox, and new knowledge is constantly gained. But the goal is still the same as it has always been. We want to create space for people, and we insist on doing so as effectively and transparently as possible. We can only do that together with our customers and the industry's many other talented players.

Early involvement

When structures were to be built in the old days, architects and consulting engineers would hand over a large pile of papers to the contractor when they had finished their drawings and calculations. Then the contractor would start to interpret and translate the drawings into the concrete building. 

Advanced technology, digital tools and brand new ways of working together

Early involvement

The right professional contact from the beginning

Fortunately, this happens rarely today. As a modern contractor, we know that the earlier we are involved in a project, the better and more efficient the construction is – and from the outset we ensure that it is actually feasible.

This is why we insist on getting together with the client, suppliers, engineers and architects so that we establish the right professional contact from the start.  

Let's meet today rather than tomorrow

It's about putting the project right at the heart, bringing the best out of each other and, above all, working well together – and doing it right – from day one. This pays off in terms of more creativity, fewer mistakes and misunderstandings, and fewer risks to the construction. All with a view to improving productivity in the industry. This is precisely our mission in MT Højgaard. So let's meet today rather than tomorrow.


Virtual Design and Construction, or VDC as we call it, is about the fact that we design, plan and build our buildings digitally before we actually start construction. With VDC, we can not only view the construction virtually, but also predict the financial aspects, operation, maintenance, environment and eventually even the social responsibility of the building. With advanced simulations we can even fast forward and rewind across the construction phases, thus anticipating any problems and challenges. All so as to minimise the risks that have historically been high in the industry.

Increased productivity and less risk

MT Højgaard is currently a leader in VDC – not only in Denmark but also internationally. We have VDC laboratories that individually and together form a strong platform, one that ensures that all construction players, ranging from architects to consultants to manufacturers and contractors, can work together on the construction with the client at the head and the heart of the project. 


Full transparancy 

We have full transparency from the initial concept to the completed construction and the benefits are clear. With VDC, we can increase productivity and minimise risks for the benefit of all the construction partners.

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