As a senior project manager in MT Højgaard, it is important to Adham Baajour to be a good leader. Therefore, he cares a lot about listening to his employees and about making sure that he offers them variation in their tasks as well as new challenges. That is also what motivates Adham himself in his own work.

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Adham Baajour was first trained as a bricklayer, and he later got his degree as a civil engineer. In 2015, 18 years after he obtained his degree in civil engineering, Adham started working as a project manager in the refurbishment department of MT Højgaard. Today he is a senior project manager, still in the refurbishment department, and he has just handed over a project in Carlsberg Byen in Copenhagen.

Dialogue and trust

As a senior project manager, Adham has the overall responsibility for the economy and time schedule of a project as well as purchasing and agreements with subcontractors. Adham works closely with the client on a project, and to him it is important that there is a mutual trust between the contractor and the client.

- You create trust through an open dialogue with the client. In an open dialogue, we commit ourselves to having a sound business and to finding the best possible solutions that are in both our own, the client’s and the end user’s favour. There is a mutual interest in making everything come together, and that is important, says Adam.

No one can do everything on their own

Adham reflects a lot on what it means to be a good leader. To him, collaboration is one of the most important keywords:

- In MT Højgaard, you’re not controlling everything alone. Here we work together and you get the help that gives you the extra resources you need to maintain an overview. No one can do everything on their own. you must take the helicopter together to view the situation from above to be able to think long term. In collaboration we do a thorough planning which minimises defects and deficiencies which can cost a lot of money. Good planning results in solid projects and satisfied clients, Adham says. 

Integrated tendering and production

Being in charge of production, Adham thinks it is important to also be interested in tendering:

- When we submit a tender, it is important that we use all of the competences we have. With our experience as production people, we can see both opportunities and risks in the tendering. For instance, we can often help reducing the time schedule, or we can be the ones who, already in the tender phase, point out that it will not be possible to make the time schedule laid out by the client.

Variation and development

One of the things that Adham values the most about his job is the variation. That he has the possibility to develop and trying out new tasks:

- Most people have a very natural need for variation. That every once in a while, things change a little and that they don’t get too routine and deadening. My employees often ask for more responsibility and new challenges that can bring some more variation into their work lives. That is something which drives a lot of people, and it goes for me, too. Tendering is a good example of this. Before I came to MT Højgaard, I had never had this great of a responsibility in the tendering process. If you can prove yourself, you can get a lot of new challenges and responsibilities, and that is very rewarding and motivating, Adham says.

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