I’m learning all the things that no amount of studying would ever teach you

The Graduate programme offers Carina Dannemand Sørensen the opportunity to acquire experience and take responsibility early on in her career.

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The first port of call in 26-year-old Carina Dannemand Sørensen's graduate programme was in the Project Development department. This was not exactly a coincidence because, with a BSc in Urban Design & Architecture and two Masters’ in Urban Planning & Management and Leadership for Sustainability, this was an obvious fit. With the graduate programme, however, she also gets the opportunity to try out other areas in the construction and civil engineering industry.

- I really wanted to get a graduate position because it offers the opportunity to try out different departments and get a lot of experience quickly, she says.

Responsibility from the start

Before she applied, Carina had done her homework and read up on MT Højgaard. While doing this, she noted our three core values: collaboration, respect and professionalism.

- MT Højgaard sounded like an exciting company and, as a recent graduate, values are incredibly important because they say something about the kind of company you would be joining. To me it was important to find a place where I could be given responsibility quickly and I've got it here, says Carina.

More knowledge along the way

In order to live up to the responsibility, Carina needed to transform the huge amount of theoretical knowledge from university into practice, this means that she has been attending some of MT Højgaard's internal courses, including in construction law.

- In addition, I’ve learned a lot of things along the way. My job here in Project Development is not one that you can just pick up from books. It takes experience and knowledge of the market to get a gut feeling for finding the good projects and assessing what to do with them – and how, she says.

Flexible course

Carina joined the graduate programme in early summer 2016. During the first year, she has worked in project development; and after this she will go on to two other departments or divisions at MT Højgaard. What these will be has not yet been decided.

- I can even help shape the programme, and I'm actually a little surprised at how flexible it is. It helps to make the graduate programme very attractive as I get to try different options instead of being employed to solve one particular task from the start, she says.

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