It was sort of a coincidence that Christina Ekvall-Lauritsen ended up in MT Højgaard. But now that she builds bridges that she’s proud to show off, Christina is happy that she did.

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Christina Ekvall-Lauritsen is 34 years old and lives in Virring in eastern Jutland with her husband and two children. In the spring of 2013, she graduated from VIA University College in Aarhus with a degree as a contructing architect. Christina always envisioned herself working in a design function when she would one day graduate from university, but she happened to have an acquaintance who needed someone just like Christina, so she took the opportunity and was hired as a site assistant in MT Højgaard on a project in Silkeborg.

Involved in the whole process

Since Christina was hired in MT Højgaard in 2013, she has continued to build on her knowledge on and experience with bridges, and today she works as a construction engineer. Christina just handed over a bridge which her and her team built in just 14 weeks. Now she is working on the finishing quality assurance and closing down the economy on the project, and that is just one example of how Christina is involved in the whole process when we carry out a project.

- Sometimes we don’t take over a project until the contract is won and we’re about to cut the first sod. But right now I’m lucky enough to be very hands on all the way from when we receive the tender documents to calculations and submission, to first sod and casting and through to the handing over of the project. It’s incredibly rewarding, challenging and educational to be involved in the whole process, she says. 

Christina thinks the best part of her job is the variation and unpredictability that comes with being involved in the whole process on a project: 

- You may wake up in the morning and think you have an idea what the day is going to look like, but that may very well change during the day, she says.

Christina’s work requires a great overview and the ability to truly focus. She has to know how to do many different work tasks ranging from cost control to making things happen in practice on site. Additionally, Christina also has a great personal responsibility in her work.

- If something goes wrong, you are responsible for it yourself. But when something goes well, it’s really rewarding, and then you’re also the one who gets the credit for it, she says. 

Now we’re crossing Mum’s bridge!

The physical work that is done on site is especially meaningful for Christina. She’s driven by how when she and her team are done, then there is a physical manifestation of their work on site – that they helped create something that brings value to other people. She often thinks about how when she and her team have handed over a bridge, then they helped ease lots of people’s everyday lives, for instance by shortening their commutes. 

The pride shines through in Christina’s voice when she talks about her work:

- I say it every time I’m driving in the car with my kids: “Now we’re crossing Mum’s bridge!”. It’s sort of a family feeling. It’s special when you cross a bridge that we built. It doesn’t matter which of my colleagues in MT Højgaard built it, because WE built it. 

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