Ambitions are high at one of the Nordic region's construction and civil engineering companies, MT Højgaard, where Claus Ottow Jensen uses his technical and management skills to build big.

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Plenty of responsibility

Claus Ottow Jensen heads up the construction of the New Aalborg University Hospital (NAU), a 155,000 sq m super hospital with a construction budget of DKK 600 million. 

This is a big responsibility, because at MT Højgaard you get the responsibility and opportunity to develop your skills as an employee. Claus felt this early on when he was an intern at the company whilst he was studying and had a lot of responsibility from day one. Claus fell in love with the culture, so he wrote a thesis with MT Højgaard as a case study. After he graduated, Claus's interest was reciprocated when he was offered a job there to ensure the building quality of a head office in Holstebro.

Internal project management training

Since then his responsibility has increased. As an MT Højgaard employee, development begins immediately, because all new employees start with an internal project management training course

“That's why I chose MT Højgaard. I hadn’t finished developing, and here I had the opportunity to educate myself further and sharpen my skills, Claus says. "MT Højgaard is a knowledge-based company where there are exciting and high ambitions to develop construction and the industry itself.”

This is why, as an employee, you get the opportunity to learn, gain more responsibility and lots of practical experience. But as Claus says, you cannot be world champion in everything. Because MT Højgaard is so large and versatile a company, there is always the opportunity to collaborate with other experienced colleagues and engage with support functions such as law, finance, health and safety.

The latest technologies in the industry

After the project in Holstebro, Claus became involved in various constructions in Jutland before arriving in Aarhus, where he helped build the new super hospital in Skejby and now in Aalborg at NAU. Claus' career has taken off, and he also has longer term plans to handle the overall strategies for major construction projects.

This is why he’s pleased that he’s now getting plenty of experience under his belt and will gain experience of all aspects of construction and civil engineering processes, including the latest technologies in the industry. This applies, for example, to tools such as BIM and VDC, which mean that projects are planned and visualised digitally before the construction itself begins.

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It means, for example, that the client can see the completed construction in advance and that all the parties involved in the construction are on board right from the start. Claus' job at NAU is specifically to stay in contact with them and ensure the quality and economics. He also ensures that the client is happy and satisfied with the construction that the supervisors are kept up to date and that everyone agrees on where they are headed.

“It's not something you are taught in your studies as an engineering student, but you learn here,” declares Claus.

Seeing the building shoot up

On the other hand, the theoretical knowledge from his studies combines well with the practical experience at the construction site. Claus can use the tools from the studio to ensure that the building is progressing as it should, while at the same time from his office at the construction site, he can have an ongoing dialogue with the construction partners.

Having an office in a portacabin is ideal for the engineer in Claus. For him, it’s great to be part of the construction site and see the building shoot up. 


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