When Eirik Aspøy was 30 years old, he was forced to abandon a career as a self-employed carpenter. This led to a move to a new country, a new training and a dream job at MT Højgaard. Now he sees it as his most important role to link skills together at MT Højgaard.

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As a process consultant at MT Højgaard, 35-year-old Eirik Aspøy works on getting an overview of the construction sites in order to provide solution-oriented advice that suits the individual projects. 

Eirik and his colleagues advise the process managers on the use of planning tools for both scheduling and the management of the progress meetings. They are a support function and can attend meetings where they have the advantage of not knowing the project in detail and therefore can focus more on communication and how the subcontractor operates. In addition, they make sure that knowledge is shared by taking the best solutions around the construction sites.

Eirik has, among other things, taken a week out of his schedule to work alongside his concrete worker colleagues at the construction site. Over the week, he received a lot of input and colleagues shared their useful ideas.

“Usually, they might not even know where to go with their ideas, and I see myself as a link. I have a good overview of who can do what in the company and can make sure the information gets to the right person. We have accumulated so much expertise at MT Højgaard, and I’m impressed with what we can do in the company. I’ve never learned so much about the construction industry, as I have at MT Højgaard,” he says.

New career at 30 years old

Eirik has all the essentials for being familiar with the work on a construction site. At the age of 30, he had his own carpentry firm in Sandnes, Norway, where he comes from. He planned, renovated and built houses there, which are traditionally built using wood.

“The business was going very well, but I started to have problems with one arm. It turned out that it was my back which was crazy. I was 30 years old, but my back was significantly older, and the doctor gave me an ultimatum. I could continue for another five years, but I would not be able to work afterwards. He suggested that I start looking around for something else to do, says Eirik. 

A google search led to Denmark

He decided to train as a structural engineer.

“I went home and googled "the best engineering education in Scandinavia", and I found that DTU had received good reviews and was well renowned. That's why I moved to Denmark, took some additional subjects and started an undergraduate engineering course,” he says.

His bachelor’s assignment was written in collaboration with MT Højgaard on location-based planning. In addition, he worked as a student assistant on MT Højgaard's construction of the new patient wing at Rigshospitalet. Shortly before he finished his studies, the position as a process consultant focused on location-based planning became available. 

“That position suited me perfectly. I've always thought planning was exciting and is probably more structured than the average role. I like to co-ordinate and get things systematised, and they were looking for someone one who could work with TrimByg®, which is MT Højgaard's efficient building management tool, as well as location-based planning, which makes is possible to optimise a project. This was exactly the stuff I was interested in,” says Eirik.

For Eirik it is important that there is the opportunity to develop at MT Højgaard.

“If there is something I don’t think I’m good at, then I take a course and I appreciate that very much. There is scope for development at MT Højgaard and to keep on doing so,” he says.



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