It may be that Ida Riis Pålsson spent most of her study time reading books and looking at a screen, but what she loves most is an exciting life on a construction site. It is so dynamic and offers continuous skills development that cannot be found in books.

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Deep well of knowledge within the group

27-year-old Ida Riis Pålsson has been employed as a construction engineer at MT Højgaard for just over a year, one that has been crammed with challenges and professional development.

“I’m motivated by constantly being faced with challenges and complex tasks that need a solution. I would prefer to solve them myself, but I’m very confident that I can draw on the entire Group's vast knowledge whenever needed,” she says.

From DTU to MT Højgaard

Ida gained her engineering degree at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Lyngby in the summer of 2014. After that, she applied for a number of positions and had some interviews – but she got the job at MT Højgaard in a completely different way.

“I put a lot into my profile on LinkedIn and my old internship supervisor at MT Højgaard discovered that I was looking for a job. He thought it would be a shame if I didn’t come to work at the company, and I completely agreed with him,” smiles Ida.

“Being taken on by MT Højgaard was a bit like coming home. I only had positive experiences during my internship, and was really happy when I was taken on as a construction engineer on a project basis for the building of the new patient wing at Rigshospitalet, the university hospital,” she says.

A construction site person 

Then things went quickly. The project-based recruitment was extended from three to six months, after which Ida, on 1st April, became permanently employed as a construction engineer on the Metro City Ring, where MT Højgaard has been assigned the task of delivering all interior fittings at 17 metro stations. A job she is looking forward to.

“I am and always will be a construction site person, and in this job I get the opportunity to get out to the construction sites a lot so that I’m constantly in touch with the craftsmen, and can keep my finger on the pulse in terms of what is really happening out there,” Ida explains.

Tremendous training opportunities

MT Højgaard is full of professional people who respect each other. This means that you can always find the relevant expertise to solve a specific problem; and because of this there is an opportunity to learn every day. But it’s not only in the day-to-day work that you acquire new knowledge and new skills – the many opportunities for continuing your education and training are also a big plus to working in the Group. 

“Your personal education and development don’t end with a degree from DTU or from any other educational institution for that matter. At MT Højgaard there is a huge focus on ensuring that all employees are constantly enriched with new knowledge and skills. This happens on a daily basis through engaging with experienced and professional colleagues – as well as through extensive opportunities for continuing education and training internally as well as externally,” says Ida.

“MT Højgaard gives you all the responsibility that you have the potential to handle and I look forward to the fact that, over time, I will gain knowledge and skills so that both the tasks and challenges keep growing.

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