Jesper Jensen, Project Manager at MT Højgaard, is currently in charge of a railway bridge and 300 metres of road construction in Næstved, Denmark. This means that he is in charge of the production and the co-operation between all the contractors on site, and every day he has to make important decisions based on input from employees. A role he feels very comfortable in. 

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For Jesper Jensen the road to MT Højgaard went through the military, carpentry training and the contracting group Arkil. After some time as a commissioned officer he became a trained carpenter and later a constructing architect. This resulted in a job at the Bridges and Concrete Department at Arkil, before he got hired as Production Manager in 2017 at MT Højgaard, where he is now a Project Manager.

When Jensen started at MT Højgaard, he was affiliated with a large sewage treatment project, before he switched to a comprehensive project, where MT Højgaard is creating 56 bridged as part of strengthening the connection between Ringsted and Fehmarn. Now, he has a very varied workday, and if you ask him about his typical tasks, you get a long answer.

“In my position you are responsible for the progress of the bridges and the appurtenant road constructions. I have to keep track of the production and co-operation between the more than ten contractors, who are present on site. When completed, the bridge will have a span of 27 metres, and we also have to lay down sewers and build ramps for the 300 metre long road construction. Additionally, I have to keep track of the economy and safety on site. So… there’s plenty to do,” Jensen states.

While working, Jensen is participating in a management course in three stages, which will strengthen his project management skills and give him the tools to make the important decisions.

He explains, “the management course consists of three stages, and right now I’m on the second stage. During the course we have lessons in negotiation techniques and law and an introduction into the quality control tools, we use, when we have to make a project clarification. In general I’m very comfortable gathering information from the people that work on site and then make the final decisions based on their input. The management course is part of making me a better manager.”

The course is equipping Jensen with a lot of new tools for a challenging workday. And there are plenty of exciting challenges. However, the biggest is logistics.

“The logistics behind how you build a bridge in the middle of a city is an exciting puzzle to piece together. So far in my career, I have experience with seven bridges, but it’s a completely new task every time. I like making everything smooth at the site and to utilise our resources to solve the complications that arise when you have a building site in the middle of a city,” he concludes.

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