As a graduate, Jesse Pörzgen has the ideal opportunity to create his dream job whereby he optimises processes between departments throughout the entire MT Højgaard organisation.

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Just one year into his graduate programme, Jesse Pörzgen is site manager at two construction sites at once. The construction sites are part of a large civil engineering project.

- It’s an enormous organisation and a mega project, so it’s very special. It’s also very international and I speak Danish, English and German every day. It’s cool!, says Jesse Pörzgen.

From placement student to graduate

Despite being only one year into his graduate programme, Jesse Pörzgen and MT Højgaard share a common history. When Jesse arrived in Copenhagen in 2008 to study for a Professional Bachelor’s degree at DTU, he was taken on as a placement student at MT Højgaard. He then got an internship in the company and succeeded in getting a full-time position for a period between his Bachelor and Master’s degrees. Consequently, he had already experienced a number of departments and was aware of the many opportunities that a large organisation like MT Højgaard could provide. Nevertheless, he is keen to gain even more experience of the company.

- During my placement, I worked with a graduate who drew my attention to the programme. It suits me perfectly because I want to get to grips with the entire business and how it’s run. I have a Master’s in Planning, Innovation and Management and I hope that one day I will get the opportunity to have a holistic view and help optimise the processes between MT Højgaard's various departments, he says.

Rapid response

For now, however, his work continues on the civil engineering project where he is part of the same team he worked with between his bachelor and master's degrees.

- I knew the team so I could jump straight back in and quickly gain responsibility. In the first year, I was involved with contract management and in 2017 I switched to in-house production where I now work with our team of carpenters so the project isn’t losing out on the knowledge and experience I've accumulated, says Jesse Pörzgen.

Many opportunities

However, in the final part of his three-year graduate programme, Jesse wants to make use of some of the many other opportunities offered by MT Højgaard.

- I love travelling so I would like to be posted abroad and manage a construction site. But I also think that project development is exciting and could well imagine helping to identify a need in the market, developing a good project that complements our expertise and then finding investors and clients for it. And then there is MT Højgaard's expertise in VDC, which I also think could be exciting to get to know more about.

Where the graduate programme will finally take Jesse is still unclear, but the end goal is reasonably clear:

- I hope to work across all the MT Højgaard disciplines and help to improve processes so that we can increase our productivity and our profits, says Jesse Pörzgen.

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