You’re proud to have an MT Højgaard logo on your hard hat, says 25-year-old engineering student, Nikolaj Christian Pedersen, who has obtained an internship at Nyt Aalborg University Hospital.

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When Nikolaj Christian Pedersen, an engineering intern, completes his education as a civil engineer specialising in construction management, it is no longer certain that he will work as a consulting engineer, which was his original plan.

“When I get out and about and take in the fresh air and raw concrete, then I realise that what I want is to become a contractor and not a consulting engineer,” says Nikolaj Christian Pedersen. The experience of the organisation and the construction site as well as the collaboration with MT Højgaard's experienced teams means that he also feels proud to carry an MT Højgaard logo on his hard hat.

Theory and practice at the same time

“Being an intern at MT Højgaard is a great experience. I'm learning a lot because I'm part of the construction site team. I talk to the people on site or sit in the office and plan, and I am pretty much involved in everything,” says Nikolaj.

“At the office we get on very well. Although I'm an intern and don’t have much practical experience, I make a theoretical contribution, and then things take on a different dimension and I learn a lot.”

A DKK 560 million project

From the office pavilion's roof terrace, Nikolaj can look over the huge excavation in the North Jutland limestone, which will be covered by the 155,000m2 "New Aalborg University Hospital" in 2019. MT Højgaard is responsible for the DKK 560 million shell-construction contract, which means it is one of the biggest projects Nikolaj could have dreamed of being involved in.

“The difference – sitting at university and reading or coming here and combining theory and practice – is just tremendous and I highly recommend applying for an internship at MT Højgaard,” he says. 

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