After eight years as a designer at MT Højgaard, Raminder K. Mann wanted to try something else. But instead of looking for a job outside MT Højgaard, she began to investigate the possibility of finding one internally.

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As a designer in the Design & Engineering department, Raminder K. Mann modelled many different buildings such as schools, halls, apartments and office buildings. But after eight years in the same department, she needed a change.

“Maybe I could have got a job at another company, but it would have been the same work I’d been doing. I worked as a consultant and wanted to be closer to actual production. I wanted more insight and knowledge about what's happening on the construction site,” says Raminder K. Mann.

As a result, she began to float the idea that she wanted to try something different, and when a position became available as a BIM coordinator, got the job.

“I had previously been sitting on the consultants’ side of things, but now I'm helping to get the digital drawing material implemented on the construction site. Therefore, I can draw on the knowledge I already have in the company, but it's like getting a whole new job,” she says.

Need for versatility

31-year-old Raminder graduated as a constructing architect in 2008 and her plans after graduation were to relax a little and find out what she wanted to do. Then she heard from an acquaintance that MT Højgaard was looking for employees. It was at that point that the 3D world had just taken off and the company had started to invest in it. And Raminder was there from the start when the department began designing in 3D.

“I would not have felt challenged enough by working as a consultant. I need the versatility where you can get out to the site and see the work in practice. I greatly appreciate the flexibility, versatility and freedom of responsibility, and so there are a lot of in-house skills that I can use and learn from,” says Raminder.

Her job will be to get VDC and BIM implemented in the construction industry, and it is one that she is looking forward to.

“It’s really important for me to be at a company where it's actually okay that you might want to do something different internally and that there are also opportunities to do so. In addition, there is room for promotion and further training. MT Højgaard is at the forefront of all things digital, and it's exciting to be involved to get this out to the construction site,” says Raminder K. Mann.



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