Guide to implementing the EU BIM standardisation on infrastructure and construction projects

In recent years, the EU has worked on creating an international standard for digital co-operation on construction projects. In July 2017, the EU published the result of the work with its ”Handbook for the introduction of Building Information Modelling by the European Public Sector”.

The handbook provides a framework for how public clients can work with digital collaborations as an important part in optimising the project plans and the overall economy of the projects. Thereby, the purpose of the handbook is to reduce the costs on public construction projects.

The white paper “EU BIM standardisation on infrastructure and construction projects“ investigates to which extent a framework for digital co-operation can be implemented and how the initiative can contribute to digital collaborations in the construction industry in the future.

To get started right away, read our quick guide.

If you are a public client you can make a short cut by reading our short quick guide to easily start implementing the suggestions of the handbook. Both the quick guide and the complete white paper can be downloaded on this page.

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