Improving Productivity in Building Construction - by Repetitions in Products, Process, and Organisations

This thesis by Baris Bekdik builds on several studies concerning the lack of productivity in building construction. The thesis shows that there is a potential in the projects’ inherent repetition effect and it is worth the effort for all parties involved to zoom out before each project starts and identify and visualise the iterative patterns and possible pathways of modular solutions in the project.

Productivity in construction is a trend topic both in the academia and in the industry. The aim of this research is to enhance the conditions for improving productivity in the fragmented building industry, by exploring the repetitions occurring within and across projects. The thesis by Baris Bekdik advocates that modular thinking of products, processes and organisations can be reapplied on new building construction projects. The application of a range of analysis tools, such as QCA, DSM and VSM, are presented to the question of modularisation opportunities and success factors in the construction industry.

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