At MT Højgaard we conduct a number of projects within project development and Public-Private Partnership. Read more about these business areas below. 

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Project Development

MT Højgaard develops and constructs property projects for residential, commercial and retail purposes. We develop both independently and in co-operation with landowners, clients and investors. 
Our style of collaboration is characterised by our binding rule of always keeping the project at the centre of things, from the first concept to the completed construction. By this, we mean that our focus is on the entire project and the wishes of our customers throughout the life of the project. All this in a way that continuously optimises the relationship between the capital tied up in the project, cost, buildability and sales value, so that our customers' risks are always handled efficiently.

When it comes to project development, MT Højgaard has a wide range of skills and experience in everything from the smaller and individual projects to full-blown urban development, where housing, business and retail are integrated in a creative way that contributes to the development of the entire area.

A typical development process starts with a good idea and a number of exciting possibilities, usually based on an empty building site or a property that has lain empty for some years. At MT Højgaard, it is our experience that a good project is characterised by a high degree of involvement from all parties early in the process to ensure the right basis for further work. This involvement will usually include extensive public engagement and dialogue with local decision makers and potential home buyers, so that local planning requirements as well as neighbourhood and housing conditions are met and optimised. 

During the construction phase, MT Højgaard also maintains a strong focus on a close dialogue with our business partners in the local community, our investors, clients and landowners in order to maintain the safety and quality of the building. At this stage, we also ramp up our efforts to market the sale of the future homes and ensure that potential buyers receive information about the project. 
During the construction phase, we make use of our own broad range of skills in design, construction and sustainability. Or we collaborate with external suppliers whenever it is desirable and when it makes sense for the project.

In the final phase, we ensure the quality of the finished construction and the smooth and safe transfer to the buyers or tenants of the new housing or office facilities.
Under our projects we show a selection of our projects under development, in progress and completed.

Public-Private Partnership

MT Højgaard is one of Denmark's most experienced collaboration partners in the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) construction sector. Our PPP projects include the new psychiatric unit for Vejle Hospital, Slagelse Hospital, as well as school buildings in Vildbjerg, Rudkøbing, Odder and Frederikshavn.

These and other projects were developed in close co-operation with the relevant public bodies and the other private partners in each partnership. Together and throughout the process, we decide on how we can design and construct the buildings in such a way that the future operating and maintenance costs will be as low as possible, while also meeting the expectations of the building's quality and execution.

What is a Public-Private Partnership (PPP)?

With PPP, the public body orders and leases a construction or facility from a private company that designs, constructs and finances the project. The public body will typically pay a regular and fixed rent for 20 or 30 years.

PPP procurement means that each party in a construction project has a mutual responsibility to minimise risks and that everyone must commit to the operation and maintenance for a long contract period. This creates an essential requirement for a forward-looking solution and a well thought through choice of materials that delivers quality and value for each party.

A PPP solution ensures that, right from the concept stage, the public body in a construction project achieves early budget security for both the construction and the operation at competitive prices. This is in line with MT Højgaard's business approach, in which we look to meet the client and collaboration partners as early as possible in the process in order to create quality and mutual confidence throughout the project’s lifetime.

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