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FL Smidth's cement plant in Pakistan has the capacity to cast 14,000 tonnes of cement per day

MT Højgaard’s Design & Engineering Division undertook a fully detailed project comprising the production buildings for the Dera Gazi Khan Cement Plant in Pakistan. This major project included comprehensive and advanced 3D models, where the construction was modelled down to the smallest detail, and subsequently used to create the workshop drawings used for the actual construction.

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Dera Ghazi Khan Cement Plant




Industrial and commercial construction, Design and engineering


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FL Smidth


The project in Pakistan is the continuation of a tradition established over many years of close co-operation between MT Højgaard and the major engineering company, FL Schmidt A/S, whereby we have designed cement factories all over the world.

From model calculations to construction

When we worked on the cement factory at Dera Ghazi Khan, we modelled the construction as 3D models using advanced modelling software.

As the first step, we created a calculation model, which formed the basis for the final 3D model of the construction and which was built using TEKLA modelling software. The model was highly detailed, and was subsequently used to generate the workshop drawings used in the production of the steel structures. The model also detailed the reinforcement in the concrete structures, which meant that we could generate exact bending lists for the contractor to use for building the factory.

During the process, our model was linked to FL Schmidt’s 3D-model of their production equipment and machinery. By combining the two models, we ensured a perfectly coordinated design base early in the process and long before actual construction on site.

It all means that MT Højgaard designs and builds virtually before building in reality.

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