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The highest towers in Greenland – Tower 1 and 2 on Jagtvej

Two apartment towers, each with 60 apartments, in a sloping landscape in Nuuk, Greenland

In Nuuk, between Jagtvej and the mountains, MT Højgaard constructed two 12-floor apartment-block towers and a day-care centre as part of a new joint complex.

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The highest towers in Greenland – Tower 1 and 2 on Jagtvej




Residential construction, Earthworks, sewerage and piling, Design and engineering, Project development, Shell construction, Steel


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Developer: MT Højgaard. Customer: private customer.


Architect: Schmidt, Hammer & Lassen. Engineer: Rambøll Danmark.

The block towers each comprise 60 apartments varying in size from 34m2 single-room apartments to 105m2 four-room apartments. In addition, the apartments come with balconies in different sizes ranging from 7-20 m2. 

Residential towers with a simplistic mode of expression

The two residential towers on Jagtvej are constructed in a simplistic mode of expression with closed façades and southeast and northwest-faced vertical window bands and northeast and southwest-faced balconies and glass sections.



The two apartment towers, each comprising 60 homes, are built in a simplistic mode of expression with vertical window bands and closed façades.

Placed in a sloping landscape

The residential towers on Jagtvej are placed in a sloping landscape. The idea behind the location is that a bastion is formed on which the towers are placed. In front of the bastion there is a small parking lot. North of the towers there are roads, entrances and covering for different shared facilities such as a carwash, repair shop and cleaning and carving of bag.



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