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Harbour construction in Dhaalu Atoll in the Maldives

The Meedho harbor is constructed with 1010 feet of keywall made with our standard precast L-elements and 600 feet of breakwater boulders. A slipway was also installed in the harbour to make it easy to put boats in and out of the water.

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Project Details

Project Name

Meedho Harbour




Marine works, Infrastructure



Ministry of Housing


Before 2012, the island of Meedho did not have a harbour. We constructed the harbour for the Ministry of Housing and Environment, enabling easier transport to and from the island.

We completed dredging of the harbour. The dredged sand was used for reclamation of some land in connection with the harbour.

Good relations with the community

When we build, it is important for us to maintain a good relationship with the community, and the Meedho Harbour project was no exception. The local population was very happy with the work we did, and they regularly came to check up on the progress and deliver different refreshments to the workers.

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