When we design at MT Højgaard, we run the process from concept through to operation, taking the view that we should create the effective foundation for the project to be built, engineered or renovated. Our engineering department, Design & Engineering, has 130 staff across offices in Denmark and Vietnam; and we can be both client consultant and consulting engineer.  

Working together

At MT Højgaard, we are a single, collaborating partner from start to finish. We undertake assignments as internal consulting engineers for companies in the MT Højgaard Holding, as well as for companies outside the Group. Every professional skill in the design field is gathered in one place, and this allows us to engage with the solutions as well as create holistic and buildable projects.

Close collaboration with a number of experts, together with structural and installation engineers means that our designers, operating units and planning teams are familiar with working in depth across all types of consultancy on contractor services. As a result, we have a special insight into what the contractor and the operators need.

Modelling and calculation

MT Højgaard’s engineering division, Design & Engineering, supports the company's work using Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) with modelling and calculations all the way from the initial concept phases of a construction project. We use the latest digital applications and systems as well as parametric design tools to create an overview and optimise projects for the benefit of all parties in the value chain.

Read more about our many design projects here.  

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