At MT Højgaard we have a long tradition of consulting on, designing and building steel structures through all phases of a project. We are renowned for our many major steel bridge projects, but we also undertake a range of other types of steel assignments, such as housing projects, which involve steel in footbridges and glass facades, atrium roofs and penthouses. In addition, we carry out assembly projects such as steel structures for bridge raising and assembly, formwork and excavation.

Steel bridges for 80 years

MT Højgaard has been building steel bridges all over the world for more than 80 years. We have built large suspension bridges and cable-stayed bridges over fjords, sounds, channels and gorges. We have built movable bridges that can be raised, swung, folded or rolled back to accommodate other traffic. We have created bridges that ease traffic flow in congested areas and ones that can be changed quickly so as not to disrupt traffic more than necessary. 

We continue to work with steel all over the country and in the rest of the North. Read more about our many steel projects here.

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